Health &


We collaborate with local health stakeholders to assess the health conditions of an area and implement strategies to address the major health risks and concerns faced by the community. We are active in the construction of new – and rehabilitation of existing – health facilities, training of local medical staff, health awareness initiatives in communities, periodic medicine donations and assistance with vaccination campaigns in urban and rural areas.

We also have a state-of-the-art medical facility, Watu Wetu, which provides healthcare services to over 60,000 people in the region and is recognised as a leading provider of medical services.

Malaria Control

Every year KCC undertakes a comprehensive integrated vector management program to protect our communities from malaria. This includes:

  • Insecticide spray campaigns across our communities
  • Distribution of insecticide-treated nets
  • Awareness campaigns on preventative measures and early diagnosis of infections 

KCC’s goal is to reduce the impact of malaria on our communities.

Tackling Covid-19 in Kolwezi

We have provided extensive support to local Government health facilities in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This has included:

  • donating over $850,000 of medical materials and supplies to the Government of Lualaba to prevent and protect against Covid-19 in the surrounding communities
  • installation of 15 hand-washing fountains 
  • water supply for hand-washing
  • donation of a PCR testing laboratory
  • awareness campaigns on social distancing 
  • distribution of masks in the communities

National Programme against HIV

We contribute material and technical support to the National Programme against HIV (PNMLS). We have supported the construction of new PNMLS facilities, training of medical staff and organisation of HIV awareness campaigns.

Donation to Mwangeji Hospital and Bumi Health Centre

We have donated vital equipment contributing to the delivery of health services from the Bumi Health Centre and Mwangeji Hospital.

KCC has recently built a maternity ward in Kapata and continues to support local medical initiatives for the benefit of our communities.



In line with our company values, our priority in the workplace is to protect the health and wellbeing of all our people. 

We are committed to operating safely and believe all fatalities, occupational diseases and injuries at work are preventable.

The KCC Health and Safety programme focuses on identifying and managing hazards in the workplace and is based on the Glencore SafeWork programme which aims to provide everyone with the knowledge and tools to perform every task safely; the key message is that every individual has the authority to stop unsafe work.

Consequently, at KCC we believe that every employee and contractor has the time to do every job safely, and they are empowered by our Managing Director to stop any work they deem unsafe.