What we do

Thanks to a unique process, an exceptional deposit and our skilled, efficient teams, we produce high quality copper, and cobalt as a by-product, from our two open pit mines (KOV and Mashamba East) and from our KTO underground mine. We have implemented targeted strategies to achieve safe, consistent, cost-effective production now and throughout the life of the mines.

Mining and processing

Our refinery produces copper cathodes with 99.99% purity and cobalt hydroxide.

Copper and cobalt

As the world shifts away from fossil-based fuels to other sources of energy, the demand for refined metals such as copper and cobalt – which are used in energy storage, electric vehicles and other decarbonisation technologies – is expected to multiply.


Copper is a major industrial metal due to its high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. It is used in:

  • renewable energy technologies (including solar cells and electric vehicles)
  • construction (including buildings and bridges)
  • telecommunications equipment
  • electrical and electronic products (including TVs, computers and games consoles)
  • transportation (including cars and airplanes)
  • general everyday products (including cookware and coins)
  • housing

KCC is the world's single largest cobalt mine – a metal that is in rising demand due to its use in batteries for electric vehicles and portable electronics.

The DRC has more than 60% of the world’s reserves of cobalt which is used in:

  • most rechargeable batteries
  • many alloys and super alloys used in aircraft engines, gas turbines, high-speed steels, corrosion resistant alloys, and cemented carbides 
  • magnets and magnetic recording media 
  • petroleum and chemical industries.