Open Tenders

Tender Description Posting date
Bund wall construction and gabions 5/19/2021
Support services for KCC security operate 8/9/2021
Tender for  new structure health care 8/10/2021
KTC safety revamp structural integrity 8/23/2021
Acid plant STG installation services E&I 8/25/2021
SCM improvements project 8/27/2021
Drilling and equipping 6 solar energy we 8/27/2021
Leach tank 4 cleaning crew 8/30/2021
KOV jci south containerized substation 9/3/2021
Efficiency officers 9/3/2021
Export truck parking ablution facilities 9/8/2021
Cables trench's and substations basement 9/9/2021
1140 Pump station E&I installation 9/10/2021
SOW EW CSM steel structures and concrete 9/13/2021
Substation drainage 9/15/2021
Musonoie community house 9/15/2021
Waste water pond lining 9/15/2021
Luilu pedestrian walkway construction 9/16/2021
Musonoie road drainage 9/16/2021
KOV ms3 gate conference room 9/17/2021
Cobalt dryers fuel tanks cleaning 9/17/2021
New Luilu camp chambers 9/18/2021
Watu Wetu storm water chamber & drainage 9/18/2021
Calibration of mobile fuel tanks 9/18/2021
Mine rescue building (old dispatch) rehab 9/20/2021
Central Receiving local delivery warehouse modification 9/21/2021
KOV 1170 drainage 9/21/2021
Truck park roads upgrade 9/22/2021
Central workshop roof repairs 9/22/2021
Clean the solution trench( b3 to kit) 9/23/2021
Anode refurbishment 9/23/2021
Tender for ENT health services 9/23/2021
Commissioning containerized sub JCI/S 9/23/2021
Maintenance and installation of air con 9/23/2021
Energy building refurbishment 9/25/2021
Environment building roof replacement 9/27/2021
Boiler maker workshop electrical works 9/28/2021
Luilu dryer plant sewage chamber construction 9/28/2021
Boiler maker workshop upgrade civil work 9/29/2021

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If you would like to apply for your company to be invited for similar future work, please submit your company profile in PDF format to with the description of the tender you are interested in as the subject. Please note that high volumes of emails are sent to this address and only successful applications will be included in tenders. Please note that the list is updated on a regular basis, but is not live and it may not contain all related tenders posted.