Open Tenders

Tender Description Posting date
2022 RC Open Pit Drilling 2021-11-01
Acid Tank Farm 2 Civil Works 2021-10-29
Assess And Upgrade Scada Network 2021-12-06
ATF 1 Civil Demolition 2021-10-29
Calibration Of All Fuel Mobile Tanks 2021-12-08
Cm2 Piping Manufacturing & Replacement 2021-11-08
Cm3 Piping  Manufacturing & Replacement 2021-11-18
Cm4 Piping Replacement 2021-11-05
Cm5 &031 Piping Replacement 2021-11-18
Cm6  And 7 Lube Room Sealing 2021-11-30
Cm6 Piping Replacement 2021-11-09
Cm7 Piping Replacement 2021-11-09
Energy Building Refurbishment 2021-09-25
Export - Coh Dryer Shed Electrical Works 2021-10-15
Fam Filter Feasibility Study 2021-12-10
Lime Plant & Trench Clean Up 2021-12-10
Core Sample Analysis 2021-10-20
Inventory Sales Of Kamoto Copper Company 2021-12-07
IPC Rom Bin Frame Refurbishment 2021-11-26
KOV 1140 Pump Station _Software Engineer 2021-12-08
KOV Dispatch New Training Center And Off 2021-11-20
KTC Gland Seal Water Piping Replacement 2021-12-08
KTC Lime Circuit Pipe Line Installation 2021-11-25
KTC Process Water Piping Replacement 2021-11-08
Kwetu Orphanage Solar Pumping System 2021-11-09
Labor And Equipment Hire 2021-12-07
Luilu Pedestrian Walkway Construction 2021-09-16
New Core Sheds - Electrical Works 2021-11-19
Portable Toilet 2021-11-20
Raw Water Luilu River To Luilu Plant 2021-12-03
Replacing Of Pn12.5 Luilu Tailing Lines 2021-11-03
Smbs - Pulverize And Rebag 2021-12-06
Statutory Inspection On Pressure Vessel 2021-11-28
Stock Take 2021-12-03
Sulphur Storage Warehouse - Electricals 2021-12-11
Support To Fix Ktc Safety Deviations 2021-12-02
Tie In Bagging Plant Compressor To Tailings 2021-11-18
Tshala School Construction 2021-11-19
Tshamundenda School Construction 2021-11-25
Warehouse Strategy Consulting Service 2021-11-26
Zambia Freight Forwarding Services 2021-12-02

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If you would like to apply for your company to be invited for similar future work, please submit your company profile in PDF format to with the description of the tender you are interested in as the subject. Please note that high volumes of emails are sent to this address and only successful applications will be included in tenders. Please note that the list is updated on a regular basis, but is not live and it may not contain all related tenders posted.