Community Development

KCC Community Development Programmes (CDPs) are an integral part of our community and engagement strategies to foster resilient socio-economic communities. 

We actively build respectful relationships with our neighbouring communities. We communicate openly with local community stakeholders to understand and address their concerns, and actively contribute to activities and programmes designed to improve the quality of life and sustainability of the livelihoods within our communities.

Our company has contributed to the DRC economy since the beginning of its operations by investing heavily and supporting the National Development Strategy with a focus on health care, sustainable livelihoods, education and infrastructure.

Sustainable livelihoods

We integrate sustainable livelihoods into our strategic framework through our Community Development Programme (CDP). The aim is to support vulnerable and low-income households in improving their sources of income and living conditions. These households usually have large families, and poor access to basic social services such as health, water and education.

The CDP organises these vulnerable households into small producer associations ranging from agriculture (such as food crops, or market gardens) to animal husbandry (such as poultry and pigs) and trades (such as welding, carpentry, cutting and sewing, hairdressing, restaurants and small businesses) according to their needs and skills and where they live.

The programme provides a range of training to enable these associations to improve their skills and become self-sustaining.

Enterprise Development Programme (EDP), a vehicle for change

As a prominent player in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’ mining industry, KCC is leading in ensuring that enterprises owned by DRC citizens are given a platform to develop and grow their businesses.

To this end, we consider our suppliers to be vital stakeholders in our business and strive to develop close working relationships with them – not only to ensure seamless value delivery of our goods and services, but also to support them (the suppliers) in sustainably growing their own businesses. This philosophy will ensure local businesses become key contributors to the economic growth and job creation endeavours in our communities.

The Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) area takes ultimate responsibility for procurement from local DRC suppliers at KCC. All goods and services tenders are examined for their suitability to advance the development of local DRC owned businesses in line with the KCC Local Procurement and EDP policy.

This policy encourages procurement from enterprises that are;

  • Local Owned (LO) – an enterprise that has more than 50% of its equity held by DR Congo citizens
  • EDP – an enterprise that is LO and has an average annual turnover of less than $5 million in the preceding 3 years.