Caring for our Environment

We recognise our role as a custodian of the environment and are committed to identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. We protect and conserve land, water, biodiversity and energy sources and have built our environmental policy from a foundation of compliance with the legal, regulatory and core requirements of the DRC, along with the world class practices used at other Glencore mining assets. The mine operates with hydropower and, through this, we reduce our carbon footprint.

We have implemented a comprehensive environmental monitoring programme which covers surface water, groundwater, dust, air quality and noise. This monitoring, along with assessments of our flora and fauna habitats, is carried out on a regular basis and at various locations in and around KCC's operations.

Tailings Facility Management

As part of our tailings facility management, we're focused on ensuring ongoing sustainability and safety for our surrounding communities.

Tailings Facilities - Key Figures

Team Members


direct hire employees

Construction level


by Dec 2021*

Storage Facility


Mupine Pit Backfilled

* measured in meters above mean sea level